Workplace Training for Managers, Supervisors and Employees


Australia’s First Evidence-Based, Holistic Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Programs

Helping Participants Move from Survive to Thrive!

How Is It Structured?


The program has been structure into six key modules which can be delivered in a variety of modes including self-directed, self-paced, online or delivered in workplaces.

Each Module takes about two hours to complete and includes a copy of the Change Your Thinking, Change Your World book and CDs.  Pre-training levels of Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Wellbeing are compared with post-training levels for evidence of effectiveness.

Who Is it For?

HR and other Managers and Supervisors, Occupational Health and Safety Managers who are legally responsible to reduce the potential of risk of psychological harm to employees in their workplace.

Individuals who are depressed, recovering from mental illness, dissatisfied with medical model and drug treatments, dissatisfied with life, wanting to find more vibrancy and meaning in life.

Mental Health and Illness

Learn how to effectively manage and deal with mental health and illness in the workplace.

Communication and Relationships

Develop positive workplace relationships and improve communication.

Building Resilience and Positivity

Discover how to develop and embrace new levels of resilience and positivity.

Nutrition & Exercise for Mental Health

Address key health, nutrition and exercise imbalances and enjoy greater vitality.

Identifying Strengths and Values

Identify employee strengths and values for optimum performance and productivity.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Learn how to reconnect with a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Key Benefits Include


Comprehensive Pre-testing

Helps to identify high-risk of illness employees through comprehensive pre-testing.

Improved Stress Management

Leads to happier, more productive workers with skills to manage stress.


Improved Relationships

Helps to improve difficult relationships thereby reducing likelihood of developing mood disorders.

Receive Your Complimentary Workplace Mental Health Checks

Tess Howells can conduct a complimentary 15 minute Workplace Mental Health Checks for your organisation or company, which includes recommendations for future action. During these sessions a tailor-made response to the identified issues can be mapped out, which will allow for a more detailed plan to be designed and delivered.