Author Speaking Events

Tess is the author of “Change Your Thinking, Change Your World – Proven Techniques for Finding Happiness and Meaning in Life”  which has formed the research base for her individual and corporate training programs.

Tess regularly speaks on the subject of Positive Psychology and how to “Change Your  Thinking, Change Your World”. She is available for keynote talks, book signings, author information evenings and workshops.


Tess Speaks On:

  • Positive psychology and practice in the workplace
  • Effective holistic management of mental health issues in the workplace
  • Mental health and illness prevention and recovery
  • How to assist and work with employees with anxiety and depression
  • The important role of nutrition in mental health
  • Working with Indigenous Australians in mental health
  • How to change your thinking and change your world

Tess is Available For:

  • Keynote talks and presentations
  • Small group workshops
  • Workplace seminars and conventions
  • In-house customised and tailored programs/solutions
  • Annual general meeting – guest speaker
  • Share insights on her book and the positive psychology approach
  • Media Interviews

Tess has a style of engagement with course participants that is both inclusive and informative. Feedback has always been very positive & participants left with a much greater understanding of techniques they could use to improve their mental health, especially their experience of anxiety and depression.

Mental Health Rehabilitation Worker

Keynote Speaking

Tess Howells is a positive psychologist who is passionate about helping people live the best, happiest, most meaningful lives that are possible for them.

Having had a long-held interest in the science of happiness, neuroscience, ethics and nutritional and environmental medicine, Tess is passionate about reducing the current epidemic levels of depression and anxiety.  Her focus is on prevention – utilizing evidence-based and clinically tested strategies for optimising mental health or thriving.

Inspired by the work of Dr Martin Seligman’s new approach for psychology, which focuses on the factors that contribute to living our lives well, rather than focusing on problems, Tess’ mission is to reduce distress and suffering and enhance happiness, connection and meaningfulness.

The positive psychology approach has laid the foundation for her own personal philosophy and approach to working with both individuals and organisations and is the reason why her clients experience such transformational results.