Proven Techniques for Finding
Happiness and Meaning in Your Life

Change Your Thinking, Change Your World

This book brings together the best research in the areas of positive psychology, neuroscience, ethics, spirituality and nutritional and environmental medicine in an easy to read style, so that you can get back in control of your life and find greater happiness and meaning.

The book begins with an analysis of present day malaise: the impact of social, technological and environmental change in the last fifty years, the currently high levels of depression and anxiety disorders throughout the western world, and the loss of connection, meaning and purpose that many people feel.

Inside you will find a number of practical exercises that are designed to assist you in becoming clear about your values, strengths and goals, that will help you learn how to create the fulfilling life that you have always hoped for.


What You Will Discover Inside

  • The reason why so many are unhappy at this time
  • What research tells us about happiness and why it is important
  • How our brains perceive and understand reality – quantum mechanics, epigenetics and brain plasticity
  • Proven strategies for dealing with difficult emotions
  • How to focus your attention on what you really want
  • The importance of values
  • How to identify your prime character strengths
  • How to set intentions and goals that motivate and inspire you
  • The keys to maintaining a healthy and happy mind and body
  • Developing positive relationships
  • How to fully nurture your soul and get involved in life



New Insights in Brain Plasticity & Happiness

Also within the pages of this practical and thought provoking book, Tess explores the concept of brain plasticity and explains how thought can affect the biological structures of our brains and our experiences.

The more control we can gain over our thinking, the more we can control how we feel and therefore affect how others feel. Think more positive thoughts and we will feel happier.

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