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The home of cutting-edge responses to mental health concerns for individuals and organisations.

Thrive! Positive Psychology and Wellbeing was created in response to the rising epidemic of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety that are currently appearing in the workplace.

At Thrive we understand the legislative, economic, social and cultural factors that are impacting your business and employees. Which is why we provide and deliver a range of Workplace Training Programs to help support your organisation navigate and thrive when dealing with these complex and challenging issues.


Who Are We?

We are the developer of Australia’s first Evidenced Based, Holistic Mental Health and Wellbeing training program. We work with both large and small organisations to equip managers, leaders, supervisors and teams with the skills, resources, knowledge and awareness to create and maintain happy, healthy and productive workplaces.

7 Core Problems Every Organisation Must Address

This FREE guide provides HR and line managers with valuable insights for dealing with the 7 Core Problems Every Organisation Must Address When Managing Mental Health in the Workplace.

Workplace safety legislation requires employers to protect the psychological health and wellbeing of their employees, but many managers tell me they feel ill-equipped to identify and effectively manage workers with mental health issues.


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Services we Provide

  • Mental Health Workplace Assessments
  • Building Resilience and Positivity
  • Identifying Staff Strengths & Values
  • Developing Effective Workplace Relationships
  • Nutrition and Exercise for Positive Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Helping Staff find Greater Meaning and Purpose

Who We Work With

We work with HR Managers, Line Managers and Supervisors who want to know how to keep their workplaces mentally healthy and how to assist their employees to achieve their potential.

We also work with managers and employees who may not be performing effectively, or living life as fully as they would like.



Workplace Mental Health Checks

Assess the current levels of wellbeing in your organisation and provide managers with a basis for addressing key workplace issues and developing your people. Learn more …

Training for Managers

Empower your managers with the confidence and knowledge to effectively address and manage key workplace mental health and performance issues. Learn more …

Six Module Workplace Course

Discover this transformational empowering 6 module workplace course that has been designed to help managers and employees build emotional intelligence and create positively resilient workplaces. Learn more …

Cost of Depression to the Economy (Billion)

Annual Treatment Costs (Million)


Adult Population Experiencing Some Form of Mental Health Issue


Return on Every Dollar Invested in Corporate Mental Health (PWC,2014)


Change Your Thinking, Change Your World

With a background in clinical and industrial psychology, industrial relations and organisational consulting author Tess Howells brings a rare breadth of skill and experience to her work.

In response to the current epidemic of mental disorders including depression and anxiety Tess shares the findings of her research in this practical guide for helping individuals and employees create sustainable happiness and wellbeing.

Learn more about this great resource …



Listen to Tess on the Leading in the Light Podcast

Discover the role positive psychology plays in creating optimal wellbeing and mental health, as well as 3 practical shifts you can make now that will ‘Change Your Thinking and Change Your World’.

About Tess Howells

Tess is a positive psychologist who is passionate about helping people live the best, happiest, most meaningful lives that are possible for them.

Having had a long-held interest in the science of happiness, neuroscience, ethics, nutritional and environmental medicine, Tess has worked extensively across Australia with public, private, not-for-profit and community managed organisations that were often dealing with “problems”.

Most of her work has been focused on assisting people to recover from illness – and find new joy and meaning in their lives.

For many years she has been inspired by the work of Dr Martin Seligman’s new approach for psychology that focuses on the factors that contribute to living our lives well, rather than focusing on problems. This approach has laid the foundation for her own personal philosophy and approach to working with both individuals and organisations and is the reason why her clients experience such transformational results.  Discover more …

Resources for Positive Health and Wellbeing


Daytime Relaxation Program

Feel energised, positive & confident .


Clinical Hypnosis Techinques

Help achieve deep states of relaxation.


Improve Mood and Wellbeing

Reduce stress and anxiety.


Enjoy Deep Relaxation

Helps to reduce anxiety and worry.


Designed for Night Time Use

Helps facilitate and improve sleep.


Feel Better About Yourself

Improves general mood & wellbeing.


Get Back in Control of Your Life

Through a Positive Psychology approach.


Life-Long Sustainable Happiness

Find greater happiness and meaning.


Exercises to Improve Your Life

Clarify your values, strengths and goals.

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